Building Bridges: The Benefits of Link Building for Your Success

Benefits of Link Building
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The Benefits of Link Building

The Benefits of Link Building the Correct Way – As the manager of a small business, you know the value of search engine optimisation, and you have made efforts to make sure that it is being done on a consistent basis. One of the things that you have been paying your SEO agency for is link building. Only it seems to be taking forever. After many months it seems that they have only been able to build a few links. Considering the benefits of link building is there any way that you can make the process a bit faster?

This is a question that many internet marketers ask themselves, and almost invariably it lands them in trouble. In order to understand why link building is a slow process, you have to understand what it is. In a nutshell, link building involves having links on your website that connect to authority sites. These sites are always looking for fresh and relevant information, so when users see that you have links that go back to them, they will assume that yours is a trusted website and they will be more willing to do business with you – they may buy, or they may leave you their email addresses.

Search engines look at link building when they are ranking websites – a site with many authority links will get ranked higher than one with fewer ones. Now imagine that all of a sudden your website is linked to all the top sites wouldn’t that get you right to the top of your niche? Unfortunately, search engines like Google and Yahoo know that there is no way that so many authority sites can be suddenly interested in a site like yours, so they will see that you are cheating and they will penalise you for it – your site can quickly be banned from the search engine.

Proper link-building is a process that takes time. If you do it too fast, the search engines know that you are using black hat methods to try and get ahead of your competitors and they will punish you for it. You should be prepared to spend years creating authority links.

Before you hire an SEO agency to do link building, it is imperative to clarify how they plan to do it. Dishonest agencies will tell business owners that they can get them authority links in a short time, but what they are doing is not allowed. If you are not careful and you hire one of these firms they could end up setting your SEO efforts back in a big way. Should your website be banned, you will lose users’ trust, and you have no guarantees that if you build a new one they will come.

It would help if you were careful to check what your SEO agency is doing for you. Every once in a while go to your site and see what kind of links they are creating, how fast they are doing it and what sites they are linking to. If you suspect that they are using black hat methods get rid of them before they can do any more damage.

If you would like help on this matter please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you with any link building campaign. We’d recommend starting with a full website audit, please check out our free website review page for a free backlink audit.

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