Froogle Content

Froogle Content

Generating organic expansion with content.

The process of optimising your content strategy begins with a precise identification of your target audience and the specific content that resonates with them. This foundational step ensures that the content we create is not only relevant but also engaging for the demographic you aim to reach.

Keyword Gap Analysis

In keyword gap analysis, we conduct a thorough comparison of your website against five of your competitors’ websites to identify the keywords for which they rank, but your site does not. These keywords are considered ‘seed’ keywords because they serve as the initial ideas from which our content strategy will grow. This analysis helps us uncover opportunities for content that can potentially attract traffic away from your competitors and towards your site.

Content Topic Ideation

Leveraging the insights gained from the keyword gap analysis, we transform these seed keywords into targeted content topics. This involves expanding each keyword into a full-fledged content idea that caters directly to the interests and needs of your audience. The aim here is to generate a list of potential topics for new pages or blog posts that will fill the existing gaps in your content and attract more visitors to your site.

Content Calendar Setup

To ensure the systematic execution of our content strategy, we establish a content calendar. This calendar serves as a centralised repository for all your planned content, organising it in a simple, accessible format. It allows for efficient tracking of what content is being developed, its stage in the content pipeline, and when it is scheduled to be published. This organisation is crucial for maintaining a consistent and effective content output.

Detailed Content Briefs

For each content topic identified, we create a comprehensive content brief. These briefs provide a detailed outline of the article or page, including the key points to cover, the intended structure, SEO considerations, and any specific instructions or information that a writer needs to craft a compelling piece. These briefs’ depth and clarity guarantee that writers of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, can use them effectively to produce content that is up to par with industry standards.

Through this elaborate process, we ensure that your content strategy is not only based on solid research and planning but is also designed to produce high-quality, targeted content that will engage your audience and improve your site’s visibility and authority in your industry.

Duration: 3 – 4 weeks

Whats included?

We determine who are we targeting and what content fits the demographic.

Keyword gap analysis

The KW gap pulls through 5 of your competitor’s keyword rankings to serve as ‘seed’ keywords for content creation.

Content topic ideation

Using the keywords found in the gap analysis, we flush them out into targeted topics for new page creation.

Content calendar setup

A simple, organised calendar that houses all your content in one place.

Detailed content briefs

Each topic receives a deeply detailed content outline that can be passed to a writer of any skillset.

Need some advice?

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Froogle SEO, is a condensed effort to tackle each major pillar of an SEO campaign. Instead of taking months to complete a task like keyword research, we ‘Froogle’ out the work within a week.

There are NO contracts. Each “Froogle Formula” is completed within a matter of weeks, so there’s no need for long-term agreements.

Correct, each “Formula” is completed as a standalone service. However, almost all of our clients hire us for multiple “Formulas” throughout the year. For example, the “Content” formula is usually completed 2 – 4 times per year to ensure enough content is being created.

We charge you a 1-time fee based on the number of URLs on your website. The more URLs, the larger the effort, and the higher the price per formula.

We do! A large number of our clients are agencies using our Froogle Formula on their own sites. We also offer white-label partnerships to resell our services to your clients.

We do! A large number of our clients are agencies using our Froogle Formula on their own sites. We also offer white-label partnerships to resell our services to your clients.