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Introduction: The following case study delves into the remarkable transformation of a large-scale e-commerce bike shop, showcasing exceptional returns in various key metrics. Over a span of twelve months, they experienced unprecedented growth, boasting significant increases in organic traffic, order value, and transactions. This case study highlights the strategies implemented and the subsequent outcomes achieved.


Increase in Organic Traffic!


Increase in Order Value!


Increased Transactions!

What client say

Ecommerce bike & E-bike reseller, specialising in high-quality bicycles and accessories, faced stiff competition in the crowded e-commerce market. With limited resources and a modest customer base, the company aimed to expand its reach and enhance its profitability.

Strategies Implemented:

Froogle Strategy : As part of our strategy, they underwent a comprehensive SEO overhaul, focusing on optimising website content, keywords, and meta tags to enhance search visibility. This involved conducting analytics reviews to ensure data accuracy, performing competitor analysis to inform strategic decisions, and conducting a thorough website quality audit (WQA) to identify and rectify SEO and website issues. From these assessments, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to elevate their search engine results page ranking, providing actionable steps implemented by our team.

Froogle Content: The e-commerce platform underwent significant improvements aimed at enhancing the purchasing process, refining website navigation, and optimising product pages to drive higher conversions. As part of this effort, a keyword gap analysis was conducted, drawing insights from the keyword rankings of five competitors to identify key terms for content creation.

These keywords were then used to generate targeted topics for new page creation, facilitating the development of relevant and engaging content. Additionally, a structured content calendar was established to streamline content planning and organisation. Detailed content briefs were provided for each topic, offering comprehensive outlines to guide writers of varying skill levels in producing high-quality content aligned with the brand’s objectives.

Froogle Links: Through a meticulous process, we analyse the website’s links to pinpoint the optimal types for outreach targeting, a crucial aspect covered under ‘Target Pages’. Our ‘Link Profile Audit’ delves deeply into competitor analysis, industry trends, and market share to devise a strategy tailored to their brand. We then embark on ‘Link Prospecting’, curating a list of reputable and pertinent websites suitable for potential link inclusions. Finally, our team ensures successful ‘link acquisition’ by managing all communications, tracking, and negotiations to secure live links on authoritative sites.


Increase in Organic Traffic:

  • Before optimisation: 1000 monthly organic visitors
  • After optimisation: 29,046 monthly organic visitors
  • Percentage increase: 2,904.62%

Increase in Order Value:

  • Before optimisation: £100 average order value
  • After optimisation: £427 average order value
  • Percentage Increase: 327%

Increased Transactions:

  • Before optimisation: 100 monthly transactions
  • After optimisation: 702 monthly transactions
  • Percentage Increase: 602%

As a retailer, and after implementing the Froogle Strategy, our turnover astonishingly soared from £67,000 to £345,000 in just 18 months just online. Honestly, I’m still in disbelief at the incredible impact it has had on our business.

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