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Lancashire SEO

If you are looking for a Lancashire SEO company, Look no further Don’t make these mistakes.

Mistake #1: Using Google as your filter

This reasoning makes a lot of sense if you think about it logically. Logical thinking is a good SEO company will do an excellent job ranking for the term “SEO company plus your city or county name”. Therefore if you are seeking the best SEO in Lancashire, You only need to Google “SEO Agency Lancashire” and hey presto the number-one company will show up at the top of the search results.

Unfortunately, what tends to happen is most of the prominent SEO companies, the ones that are in demand, due to excellent work we usually get exceptional referrals, they don’t really need to list here. They are too busy producing great marketing for there customers. Occasionally, maybe, you can discover some great companies in there.

Mistake #2: Trusting “Top SEO” lists

Numerous people will search for “best SEO” or “best SEO companies,” “SEO agency Lancashire” They’ll find a website through search, for example,” lancashireseo.co.uk” or “seopreston.co.uk”. There are plenty of these kinds of websites that are really just aggregators. Their marketing model is to attempt to rank for Keywords like those mentioned above, and then they auction those listings, to SEO firms and SEO companies. On a larger scale think about the many comparison websites, Money savings supermarket, for example, all the companies that are listed on that site are paying a hefty price to be there!

Usually, for us SEO’s, the conversation goes a little something like this “Hey, do you want to be number 3, on the bestseocompanies.co.uk list for £2,500 a year. Or we can make you number 1, but you’re going to have to pay £4,000 a year.”

It’s an exceptional business model for the company selling the listings, 20 spots to sell (if they can sell them) at an average of £1,500 a place, nice money every year! But the pay-to-play system is not dependable for you as a client of SEO companies.

In short, all you need is money to top these lists, this system allows the companies who can afford to spend the most the best coverage. Don’t trust those types of records.

Mistake #3: Believing there’s is “Magic fairy dust SEO “

Error number three is believing any “sales pitch” that regrettably many SEO specialists use, which is they have a special “fairy dust” that will put you at the top of search engines. There is no special fairy dust in SEO. And if you ever hear, “This is how Google works…………and this is how we do our special “fairy dust” SEO systems. It’s an exclusive methodology based on machine thinking, but it’s an exceptional business model, and we have seen massive ROI” that’s just complete rubbish. If you don’t understand the language the prospective company is using, how can you forge a relationship moving forward?

No one has a secret “fairy dust”, and don’t get me started on the insane terms and language used within our industry. I genuinely believe its built to confuse the customer, that is why we do not use it at our company. (rant over and back to the point).

SEO is a very open field. It’s now well known. It had elements in secrecy, years ago, but that is not the way it is now, and you should never believe a company that claims to have the “answer” because it’s just not right, like anything in life it takes good honest hard work to improve your Google rankings.

Enough of what “not to do” and let’s take a look at what you should be looking for in an SEO agency.

I want you to discover the goals you’re attempting to accomplish with SEO.

Three basic questions

1. Why do you want to do SEO?
2. How do you want to rank organically for keywords?
3. How you’re going to judge success or failure.

In this method, there are real goals and poor goals.

Real goals:

1. I want to get face to face with a lot of people who are investigating this, and so we want business from these particular crowds. I understand that they conduct searches for this. Real!

2. We’re working to increase revenue, and we’re attempting to encourage it within new sales and SEO is a sales driving channel. Again, real.

3. We’re seeking to boost sign-ups or free trials. Also a real goal.

Those are all real reasonable goals.

Poor goals:

1. We just need traffic, more traffic. Gaining traffic is easy, getting the correct traffic is the real trick.

2. Rankings only, unfortunately, this is a pride thing that many people have where they want to rank for something merely because they want to list for it. That’s not a definite goal.

3. Beating a particular competitor out for specific keywords or phrases. Again, not a great goal. Doesn’t drive directly to revenue. Doesn’t drive directly to organisational goals

All can be considered vanity metrics. I nevertheless visit people who say, “can you assist in bringing our domain authority up or our trust flows up or, saddest of all, our Google PageRank up?” It’s frightening. Vanity metrics are a poor way to run any campaign.

If SEO needs to be a focal point at your company, don’t hesitate to get in contact. Alternatively, you can use our free website review tool that will help you. Just enter your website address, keyword or the phrase you are currently targeting, or wish to focus on. We’ll send you a complimentary website review report.

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