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SEO has changed.!

I’m sure you’ve been told in the past that “SEO is an ongoing process” to lock in a long-term contract. The truth is, most of the work done to your website is a 1-time action, you shouldn’t have to pay for the time waiting for your website to rank.

Here at Froogle, we batch work in short “formulas” that combines our proprietary technology with the careful attention of our SEO experts. We’re able to complete 12 months work of SEO work in 12 weeks. Stop paying for SEO work that you don’t need.

To help you with that we’ve built a tool that accurately predicts the results of any of our SEO campaigns. This guarantees our clients full transparency, so you know exactly what you are getting into before you invest, you can ensure that the return on traffic and sales will be there to justify the investment into an SEO campaign.

That’s the key “justify the investment” so many create websites with little thought of what it will take to be competitive within that chosen niche. So how do we show you a return on your investment?

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Here to manage your SEO but also provide valuable insights and consulting for your entire marketing ecosystem.

All our successes are fully monitored with a bespoke project management deck. This ensures a fully transparent and collaborative approach. You’ll get full access to everything that we are working on and everything we’ve done in real-time.The main reason we’re able to deliver 12 months of SEO work in 6 weeks is because of technology stack put together by our in house engineering team

Froogle Formulas


A straight edge for organic growth, statistics, analysis, reporting and SEO advice.


Generating organic expansion with content, We determine who are we targeting and what content fits our demographic.


Authority link building service, quality is far more important the quantity.

Why we exist

We are an SEO company “period” we specialise in this niche alone. This enables us to ensure our talent is up-to-date with all SEO processes. Our entire SEO Process is based on our purpose-built software centered around Google Big Query and Google sheets.

Our different approach consists of 3 x fast track modules. Froogle strategy, Froogle content & Froogle links. Gone have the industry 12-month contracts. You just pay for what you need to succeed.

At the end of the day, it’s about your company making more money from search engines and that’s what we do best. Our track record speaks for itself. Book a time to speak with us we are standing by to chat about your business and how you can gain more revenue from organic search.

True "Contractless" SEO for websites

Frequently asked questions

Froogle SEO, is a condensed effort to tackle each major pillar of an SEO campaign. Instead of taking months to complete a task like keyword research, we ‘Froogle’ out the work within a week.

There are NO contracts. Each “Froogle Formula” is completed within a matter of weeks, so there’s no need for long-term agreements.

Correct, each “Formula” is completed as a standalone service. However, almost all of our clients hire us for multiple “Formulas” throughout the year. For example, the “Content” formula is usually completed 2 – 4 times per year to ensure enough content is being created.

The number of formulas needed depends on your website’s current standing, performance and budget. Most clients use us for 5 – 6 formulas per year. During our consultation call, we will tell you exactly how many formulas we recommend undertaking.

We charge you a 1-time fee based on the number of URLs on your website. The more URLs, the larger the effort, and the higher the price per formula.

We do! A large number of our clients are agencies using our Froogle Formula on their own sites. We also offer white-label partnerships to resell our services to your clients.

Froogle Formula

We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.